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New Ripon El and Ripon Strong shirts and sweatshirts

New Ripon Elementary t-shirts and sweatshirts #Ripon Strong

What is #Ripon Strong? Ripon Strong is our new curriculum that is focused on helping our student’s value kindness, service, and empathy. Ripon Elementary students don’t just walk out of school being competent at reading and math -they walk away being capable, compassionate people. Check out and order our new school gear on the Ripon Elementary website and Facebook. To place an order for #RiponStrong go to

Ripon El spiritwear is now available to purchase online! You can order here and pick up at the school for free or we can ship the item to you (shipping charges apply). If you are picking up at the school please use: PICKUPREL discount code at checkout and shipping charges will not apply.

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